August 16th, 2010 by elliedylan

There’s a revolution in education going on all across America. Teachers, parents, children, and concerned citizens are taking education reform into their own hands.

They are taking it back from those who are attempting to maintain the same dysfunctional, obsolete system of stifling innovation that precludes the development of individuality, character, and purpose.

Today’s world is changing at an exponential rate with the ubiquitous use of technology. Our information society has spawned generations of young people who EXPECT to be able to participate in and contribute to every part of their daily lives. When denied this experience, they mentally disengage from whatever obstructs their sense of contribution and self-expression. Nowhere is this more evident than in education today.

One has only to look at the horrific statistics of America’s educational system (declining test scores, soaring drop out rates, increased violence, etc.) to see that massive help is needed to ameliorate the rampant problems in our nation’s schools.

Will the solutions come from government imposing more “rules” and “drills” on students and teachers mandating them to achieve national standards of proficiency in core academic areas? Not if past decades of student performance are any guide.

No, the answers are coming (and will continue to come) from the stakeholders themselves: concerned educators, parents, citizens, and the children themselves. Just look at the statistical growth of home-schooling, charter and alternative schools. Change is happening now.

Technology has supported the growth of a more inclusive way of citizen participation in every day life. Rather than passively accepting “top down” dictatorial mandates, a new “bottom up” grass roots movement is proliferating and thriving in every sector of society. This is how the solutions to the massive problems in our educational system will evolve.

A more “democratic” system of education is emerging wherein the stakeholders are taking responsibility for and generating a “new” set of rules that promote the individualization of learning.

Instead of the teacher being the “sage on the stage”, the teacher will be the “guide on the side”.

Rather than children being passively force-fed processed information without any understanding of how it is relevant to their lives, students will become equal partners in authoring their own individual learning experiences by linking their success in school to the accomplishment of their personal goals and dreams.

Parents are no longer sitting passively by on the sidelines either. They are demanding a say in what schools their children attend and how they are taught to become fulfilled, productive citizens of tomorrow.

Yes, there is a growing movement to take back education. It is an evolution in thinking…a revolution against outdated mandates that no longer meet the needs of the people. It is a new paradigm, a transformation of our educational system that is coming from all stakeholders contributing to this growing edu-lution of change. Be part of it!

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